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Hasrate (overclocked)

Rx 580: 29-31 Mh/s
Rx 570: 28-30 Mh/s
Rx vega: 42-44 Mh/s

Nvidia 1080 TI: 30-50 Mh/s (with 'tablet')

Version 0.19.0 (alpha):
Supports algorithms
Program for:
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Ethminer is an open source coin mining program based on the Ethash algorithm.

Ethminer is mainly used for Ethereum mining. Learn more about how to mine Ethereum on video cards on Windows...

Unlike all well-known programs for Ethereum mining, such as PhoenixMiner and Claymore Dual Mine, Ethminer does not have any settings for managing video cards: overclocking, fans, understating power consumption, etc.

With this program, you can mine any coin that relies on the Ethash algorithm, including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Callisto Network and others.

Features and limitations

Supports both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards

Open source

System сto run



The program works on all video card architectures: Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal and Turing.

Ethereum mining requires at least 4 GB of video memory.

Driver requirements

  • NVIDIA driver 376.51 or newer for version compiled with cuda 8.0 (Windows).
  • NVIDIA driver 398.26 or newer for version compiled with cuda 9.1 (Windows).
  • NVIDIA driver 411.31 or newer for version compiled with cuda 10.0 (Windows).
  • AMD drivers - "Adrenalin 18.6.1" recommended

Operating Systems (x64)

The program was compiled using cuda 8.0, 9.1 and cuda 10.0 for Linux and Windows.

  • Windows: Works on Windows 7 and 10
  • Linux distributions: tested on Ubuntu: 16.04 LTS, 17.10, 18.04.


To start you will need:

1. Program for mining - see Step 1 below.

2. Overclocking software - MSI Afterburner. It works great for limiting power and temperature (very important for protecting your graphics cards and optimizing hash rates!)

3. Tested overclocking configuration

Power Limit :0

Temp Limit :75°C, See here and here for safe temperatures

Core clock (core overclocking): 0 (for Ethereum, core overclocking is not affected);

Memory clock (memory overclocking): +2000, +2100

These settings were stable for the Nvidia GTX 1080 TI.

Coin wallet

The instructions assume that you already have a coin wallet. You can open a deposit on any convenient and safe cryptocurrency exchange, or by installing an official cold Ethereum wallet or ERC-20 tokens.

Finally, let's get started!

Step-by-step guide to setting up the program

Step 1: Download the miner

Download this program and unzip it.

program files

The program folder will contain .bat files through which it is launched. In the file name, you can see the pool and the coin (we configured only for Ether, other coins are configured by analogy).

In the batch file, you need to type your wallet address to your own in any text editor. Help - A help file that will show all the available commands (in English) and also in the folder there is a manual translated by us in Russian.

Step 2: Join a mining pool!

The pool rating and pool capacity statistics pages will help you choose a pool.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing a pool, read the guide on the structure of the reward in mining - PPS and PPLNS pools. Never choose SOLO pools if you have less than 10 rigs!

For mining on some pools, registration is required.

Step 3: setup

Virtual memory in Windows

Before running the program, you need to increase the virtual memory in Windows to at least 4.5 GB (or better up to 5 GB) x (Number of cards), so a farm with 6 cards will require at least 27 GB for some algorithms.

we expose the swap file in the system

Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System - Advanced system settings - Advanced tab, then Settings, again the Advanced tab.

We find the settings of the Virtual memory, click Change. Uncheck the box "Automatically select the size of the paging file" and put the checkbox "Specify size". We indicate the required size in MB (Example for 6 cards - 45000). Click on the Set button .We reboot the mining rig or computer.

Now we need to set up the .bat file.

Important! Observe the syntax of the file. Extra line breaks, spaces and characters are not allowed where they should not be. Just stick with the example and everything will start up!

Bat file example

  1. ethminer.exe - This command indicates the application that will be launched for mining.
  2. stratum1+tcp:// - specify the type of protocol for connecting to the pool.
  3. 0x617b3704e249d5274f5de94ec1d5f5fa9be8a357 - specifying the protocol type, we write our address of the mined coin.
  4. .rig1 - after the address we put a period and indicate the identifier of your rig (any, to track statistics on pools).
  5. - after specifying the identifier, put the "@" sign and indicate the address of the pool.
  6. :9999 - after the pool address, put a colon and write the pool port.

pause is optional. It allows you to leave the miner's console open in case of any error. Without the "pause" command, the miner will simply close and display no description.

Useful Batch File Examples

Ehereum on nanopool pool

ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://stratum1+tcp://

Ethereum on the miningpoolhub

ethminer.exe -P stratum2+tcp://[email protected]:20535

Ethereum on f2pool

ethminer.exe -P stratum2+tcp://[email protected]:6688

Ethereum on ethermine pool

ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://

Ethereum on the nicehash

ethminer.exe -P stratum2+tcp://

Ethereum on the sparkpool

ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://

Ethereum on the binance pool

ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected]:8888

Launch and console info

Double-click on the .bat file with the coin:

Unlike PhoenixMiner and Claymore Dual Miner, this program has quite a bit of information in the console.

We can see our hash rate, the pool to which we are connected and the time. The caption unknownis the name of the stream, which appears to be installed incorrectly on Windows.

We have reviewed the commands for starting the program. And by tradition, let's list all the available commands in the section below.

All command line arguments

If there are two commands per line, then you only need to enter one. The second is her synonym. Example: --helpand -h are the same thing. We enter either --hor --help.

Basic information:

-h,--help Display help text and exit.

--api-bind Use API interface.

Select devices:

-G,--opencl Mine / Test using only OpenCL (AMD).

-U,--cuda Mine / Test using only CUDA (NVIDIA).

Connect to the pool:

-P,--pool Specify the pool address for the Stratum connection to the pool or the http address for solo mining.

The connection takes place according to the scheme:



For an explanation and some examples of how to fill in these values, use the ethminer command --help-ext

-H,--help-ext Show help text about one of the following contexts:

supported options: {'con', 'test', cl, cu, api, 'misc', 'env'}
  • 'con' - Connections and their definitions
  • 'test' - Test options
  • 'cl' - Advanced OpenCL options
  • 'cu' - Advanced CUDA options
  • 'api' - Http monitoring API and interface
  • 'misc' - Miscellaneous other choices
  • 'env' - Using environment variables.

-V,--version Display the version of the program and exit.

Hash rate

Map Speed, MH/s
AMD RX Vega 64 39.69
AMD Vega Frontier Edition 38.59
AMD RX Vega 56 35.86
NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti 33.4-55
AMD RX 480 29.04
NVIDIA GTX 1070 28.69
NVIDIA GTX 1080 34.63
AMD R9 Fury Nano 26.26
AMD R9 290X 28.75
AMD RX 470 29.00
AMD RX 570 29.00
AMD RX 580 29.00
NVIDIA GTX 970 22.21
NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti 21.57
AMD R9 380X 20.63
NVIDIA GTX 980 20.28
NVIDIA GTX 1060 20.13
AMD R9 390 28.00
AMD R9 380 18.00
NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 12.62
NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB 11.90
AMD RX 460 4GB 11.20
AMD RX 550 4GB 10.50

Solution of problems

Error no opencl platforms found

Use the command -U to use CUDA only.

If you have an AMD video card, then roll back the driver version to 18.6.1. In doing so, uninstall the current driver in safe mode using Display Driver Uninstaller.

The program closes after starting

If the program closes immediately after starting, then add the command at the end of the batch file pause. In this case, the program will not close immediately, but will display the error code and description.

Error exited waiting to cooldown a bit

Your wallet is incorrectly configured. Enter the wallet address in accordance with the instructions.

Happy mining!

Downloads and changes in versions

Download for Windows:
ETHminer 0.19.0 Windows
ETHminer 0.18.0 Windows

Linux versions:
ETHminer 0.19.0 LINUX


  • Fixed an issue using the latest Nvidia drivers for Windows.
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