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NBMiner: Download, Setup and Commands - 100% LHR Unlock

Hasrate (overclocked)

Ravencoin - KawPow


P106-100 - 10.3MH/S
P104-8G - 17.5MH/S
1070ti - 13.3MH/S
1080ti - 22.5MH/S
2080 - 25.8MH/S
RX580 and 2048sp - 11MH/S


Version 42.2 (latest):
Supports algorithms
Program for:
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NBminer is a miner developed by Chinese programmers and mainly focused on the Chinese market. Description and support in Chinese only. The program supports Nvidia and AMD and is often the hashrate leader in various mining algorithms. Stability is not always the strength of this miner. Program for mining Ravencoin, Ethereum and Grin on Nvidia and AMD video cards.



Supports NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Ethproxy protocol support.

Support for BTM + ETH dual mining, the income is more than 20% higher than if you mine one coin.

Windows and Linux support.

Spare pool support.

Support for SSL connection to the pool.

Commission: BTM + ETH 3%, BTM 2%, ETH 0.65%, GRIN 2%.



  1. Driver version 377+.
  2. Windows or Linux x64.
  3. Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

NBMiner is mainly used for Ethereum mining. Learn more about how to mine ETH on video cards on Windows.

To begin with, we will consider the options for the fastest launch, and then move on to a detailed consideration of all the commands and features of this program.

And so, let's go!

Quick start

For the fastest launch, it will be enough:

  1. Download the archive with the program.
  2. Unzip to any convenient place.
  3. Change the wallet to your own in a file with the extension .bat.

program file structure

The archive with the program contains ready-made examples for Ethereum, Nicehash, Grin, Ethereum + Bytom, a configuration file, as well as instructions in different languages.

open_web_monitor - html file for monitoring the operation of the program via the Web interface.

How to install for different cryptocurrencies

  1. Download the program.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Edit the file ethash-nicehash.bator grin-f2pool.bat.
  4. Change username from pool.
  5. Change the wallet address to yours.

The program is launched by double-clicking on the file with the extension .bat

Let's now look at the setup in more detail.

How to set up a.bat file for NiceHash

  1. nbminer - Specify the program to run.
  2. ethash - Specify the algorithm for the mined coin. The algorithm can be found here
  3. -o stratum + tcp: // After the construction, -o stratum+tcp://specify the address of the pool. You can choose a convenient and stable pool here.
  4. : 3353 Put a colon and specify the port of the pool.
  5. -u 3HHG3zpxP4AmbKDR9iRy1c2bqAb4WKhNwm After the key, -uspecify the wallet address or login on the pool. The wallet is listed from Nicehash. You can create a wallet on any convenient and safe exchange, or put an official wallet from a coin. Instructions for wallets.
  6. .nbminer We put a full stop and indicate the name of the farm (any). We named the farm "nbminer".
  7. -log Creates a log file named log_.txt.

Here's a finished example:

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3HHG3zpxP4AmbKDR9iRy1c2bqAb4WKhNwm.nbminer -log

How to set up a.bat file for Ravencoin

  1. nbminer - Specify the program to run.
  2. kawpow - Specify the algorithm for the mined coin.
  3. -o after the construction, -ospecify the address of the pool.
  4. : 12222 Put a colon and specify the port of the pool.
  5. -u RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX After the key, -uspecify the wallet address.

Here's a finished example:

nbminer -a kawpow -o -u RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX pause

How to set up a.bat file for Grin

  1. nbminer is the name of the program to run.
  2. -a cuckarood specify the algorithm of the mined coin. The algorithm can be found here
  3. -o stratum + tcp: // after the construction, -o stratum+tcp://specify the address of the pool. You can choose a convenient and stable pool here.
  4. : 13654 put a colon and specify the port of the pool.
  5. -u rgz after the key, -uspecify the wallet address or login on the pool. You can create a wallet on any convenient and safe exchange, or put an official wallet from a coin. Instructions for wallets.
  6. .default put a full stop and specify the name of the farm (any).
  7. : x put a colon and specify a password (usually not required, so x).
  8. -long-format display the program operation log.
  9. -log create a log file named log_.txt.
  10. -di 24 we indicate the intensity of the program (for dual mining).

That's all it takes to run the program.

Let's give a ready-made example of what we ended up with for the Grin coin using the cuckaroo29d algorithm

 nbminer -a cuckarood -o stratum+tcp:// -u rgz.default:x -long-format -log -di 24

Example for dual mining Ethereum + Bytom:

 nbminer -a tensority_ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0x0034335cc77e2e2b84c53683ef96c25e1486d5f3.dmdefault -do ethproxy+tcp:// -du 0x617b3704e249d5274F5De94Ec1d5F5Fa9BE8A357.dmdefault -log -di 16

How to start

You can run the program by double-clicking on the file with the desired coin and with the.bat extension (Windows batch file).

  1. ALGO: the cuckarood program reports the algorithm we have chosen.
  2. URL: stratum + tcp: // 13654
  3. pool and port, which we indicated above in the "Configuration" section.
  4. USER: rgz.default: x login, worker and password.
  5. ID 0: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11264 MB, CC 61 device to be used and its temperature. You can find out about safe temperatures in mining and how to cool video cards in the corresponding instructions.
  6. Logging in to an attempt was made to establish a connection to the pool.
  7. Login succeeded the connection was successful.
  8. New iob from, ID: 71057520, DIFF: l.00 the pool has sent a new job for video cards.
  9. # 1 Share accepted, 3614 ms. [DEVICE 0] accepted the first share of work. You need to understand that the miner receives the reward for the sent shares. Learn more about the remuneration here.
  10. 0: 4.15 h/s hash rate.

Also, information about the process of mining cryptocurrency can be viewed through the web interface. To do this, double-click the open_web_monitor file

  1. The farm status is online.
  2. The total running time of the program.
  3. Algorithm.
  4. User, worker and password.
  5. Pool address and port.
  6. Graphics card statistics (hash rate, temperature, power consumption, fan speed, overclocking, kernel load, memory overclocking, memory load).
  7. Pool statistics (difficulty, ping, accepted and rejected shares).

How to set up LHR unlock

New mining mode on LHR RTX 30 series graphics cards, capable of receiving ~ 70% of the maximum unlocked hash rate.

This mode is configurable using the --lhr argument, currently only works with the ethash algorithm.

--lhr defaults to 0, which means that even if --lhr is not set, the -lhr 68 mode will be applied to the graphic the LHR processor, if found.

Configure LHR mode by setting --lhr, for example, with --lhr 67 it is expected to receive 67% hash rate, as for the same model, without blocking. A --lhr with a higher value will result in a faster hash rate, but has a better chance of going into a blocking state, which will result in a much lower hash rate. The optimal initial setting is 67 and has been tested for stability in most configurations.

The LHR value can be set for each video card using a comma separated list --lhr 65.67,0, -1, where -1 means LHR is disabled.

Nbminer vs Phoenix

Both have a much higher hash rate than other programs. As for Phoenix, last time we already established that we should not look at the usual speed indicator Eth, but at the effective speed indicator Eth: Effective.

This time the effective speed was 276.86 MH / s, which seems to be accurate and corresponds to the number of shares in the pool. Phoenix shows hashrate in three ways: speed (normal), average speed (5 min), effective speed. We think you should only look at effective speed.

Unfortunately, the hashrate of NBMiner in the miner's console window turned out to be higher than it actually was in the pool. The hashrate reported by NBMiner was higher than other mining programs. We checked the log and found no rejected or obsolete shares.

Final update. A week later, the average accepted hash rates: Phoenix in first place, Gminer in second place, NBMiner and Trex are equal.

For the sake of completeness, we'll cover every possible command line argument.

Command line arguments

If there are two commands per line, then you only need to enter one. The second is her synonym. Example: -h, --help are the same thing. We enter either -h or --help.

Pool connection parameters

-a, --algo choose an algorithm, tensority for BTM, ethash for Ethereum, cryptonightv8 for XMR and cuckarood for Grin.

-o, --url ‹адрес› specify the pool URL.


   - BTM: stratum+tcp://
- BTM с SSL: stratum+ssl://
- ETH: ethproxy+tcp://
- ETH с NiceHash: ethnh+tcp://

-u, --user wallet address or pool username.


 - Syntax: [username|wallet].workername:password
- Example: bm1xxxxxx.worker      myusername.worker:password

-o1, --url1 ‹url› address for backup pool 1.

-u1, --user1 ‹пользователь› username for standby pool 1.

-o2, --url2 ‹url› address for backup pool 2.

-u2, --user2 username for standby pool 2.

For dual mining

For dual-Mining Program supports the following pair of coins: Ethereum+Zilliqa.

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+ssl:// -u 0x1F170a2061537D2F3e9d917b632c91c35a738409.zil1x4j2tk87t650v3fym03adr9ph833g9ptrt6dn3.WORKER -log --enable-dag-cache


--temperature-limit Set the temperature limit of the video card, if it exceeds the specified value, then the program will stop the operation of the video card for 10 seconds and check if the card has cooled down below the specified value. If yes, then mining will continue, if not, the pause will be extended.

Example: --temperature-limit 75means that when the temperature reaches 75 °, the program will pause and check every 10 seconds if the temperature has dropped in order to start again.

Intensity and yield

-i, --intensity ‹intensities› Specify comma separated list of intensities for maps

--cuckoo-intensity ‹intensity›Set the intensity of the algorithms cuckoo, cuckarood, cuckatoo, [from 1 to 12]. A value of 0 means automatic adaptation. Default: 6.

--cuckatoo-power-optimizeSet this option to reduce the range of power consumed by the farm when mining with the cuckatoo algorithm. Warning: setting this option may result in decreased mining performance.

--fee ‹число›Change commission (devfee) as a percentage, [0-5]. Set "0" to disable devfee, but then there will be a lower hash rate.

The default commission is set for the following algorithms:

  • Tensority + ethash 3%,
  • tensority (Pascal) 2%,
  • tensority (Turing) 3%,
  • ethash 1%,
  • cuckaroo and cuckatoo and cuckaroo_swap 2% ,
  • progpow_sero 2%,
  • sipc 2%,
  • bfc 3%
  • hns 2%,
  • hns + ethash 3%,
  • trb 2%,
  • trb + ethash 3%,
  • kawpow 2%


Memory Tweak Timings

The "OhGodAnETHlargementPill" pill is no longer needed if the command is enabled -mtwhen mining at 1080 and 1080ti.

There are several commands for setting the timings:

--mt, --memory-tweak- enable setting of video memory timings to improve performance. The available range is [1.6].

Memory timings are optimized for Nvidia GDDR5 and GDDR5X graphics cards. The available range is [1-6]. The higher the value, the higher the hash rate.

For different cards, the value can be set through a comma-separated list. It may be necessary to adjust the Power limit to get more hashrate.

Attention! A higher scrap rate may occur if the farm reaches a critical temperature, a lower command value -mtwill help reduce the scrap rate. Watch the temperatures carefully!

On Windows, a custom driver must be installed before using the command -mt, see the command description for details --driver.

--driverthis command is only needed for Windows. It installs or removes a "memory optimization" driver.

To run under Linux requires administrative rights sudo./nbminer -mt x.

To set timings:

Run the batch file with administrator rights.

Install the driver: nbminer.exe --driver install

Uninstall the driver if it doesn't fit: nbminer.exe --driver uninstall

Note: The installed custom driver is not signed by Microsoft, users need to disable Secure Boot in BIOS settings for the driver to work.

Apply timing. For example: -mt 1

Program stability

--log Create a log file named log_ .txt.

--log-file ‹logfile›Create your own log file. Note: this option will override '--log'.

--long-format Use the "yyyy-mm-dd-hh" log format

--RUN, --no-watchdog Disable watchdog timer.

--no-nvml Do not query the health state of the cuda device when using an ssl connection.

--reboot-times ‹число›Reload if the watchdog has reported an error multiple times.


--no-color Don't use color output in the console.

--fidelity-timeframe ‹timeframe›Set the timeframe for calculating the accuracy, unit of measure per hour. Default: 24.

--device-info Show detailed information for each connected device.

--device-info-json Show detailed information for each connected device in json format.

--verboseDisplay data about the connection between the miner and the pool. This command adjusts the level of messages returned by the pool.

Working with the API

-api ‹host:port› Host and port for serving the REST API.

You can open statistics by following the link in the local network

Specify maps

-d, --devices ‹devices›specify a list of video cards to use. Format: "-d 0,1,2,3" to use the first 4 GPUs.

--platform ‹платформа›specify the platform. 0: All (Default), 1: Nvidia only, 2: AMD only.

Other settings

--strict-ssl Check the validity of the certificate when using an SSL connection.

--grin29-fork-height ‹height›Change the "height" to check for automatic algorithm change when grin29 hard fork. Default: 262080

--proxy ‹host:port› Use Socks5 proxy

--coin ‹название› Specify the name of the coin (only for ethash algorithm)

-h, --help Displays help.

-v, --version Displays information about the version of the program.

-c, --config Use json config file instead of command line parameters.

Problem solving

The program crashes or does not start

If the program does not work stably or crashes, then you need to increase the virtual memory of the system:

we expose the swap file in the system

Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System - Advanced system settings - Advanced tab, then Settings, again the Advanced tab.

We find the settings of the Virtual memory, click Change. Uncheck the box "Automatically select the size of the paging file" and put the checkbox "Specify size". We indicate the required size in MB (Example for 6 cards - 45000). Click on the Set button. We reboot the farm.

Failed to login mining pool, please check mining pool username

The parameters for connecting to the pool are incorrectly specified in the username key (pool login or wallet address)

Downloads and changes in versions

Download for the Windows:

Version for the Linux:


Version changes


  • Added support for new RVN algorithm - 'kawpow' for Nvidia and AMD.


  • Added support for mining HNS & HNS_ETH for NVIDIA and AMD


  • Added support for mining CKB + ETH on AMD.
  • Improving the performance of CKB mining on Nvidia.


  • Added support for mining CKB on AMD cards under Linux.
  • Bugs fixed.


  • Added support for CKB and CKB + ETH coins for dual mining.
  • The best value for the intensity parameter -didepends on the video card model, overclocking and power limitation.


  • Fixed compatibility with SIPC dxpool.
  • 1080 and 1080ti users should use OhGodAnETHlargementPill to improve SIPC coin mining performance.


  • Disabled autoswitching from cuckaroo -> cuckarood
  • Slightly improved performance of RTX2060 on Grin29 under win10
  • Fixed problem with freezing at startup in some Linux distributions.
  • Added a new option that --generate-configcreates a sample config file.


  • Fixed lower hashrate than previous version for Grin29 and AE on 10xx 6GB cards
  • Fixed mining of Grin29 and AE on 6 GB Turing cards on Win10.
  • Fixed automatic reboot error when a video card error occurs.
  • Fixed starting to use json config file.
  • The amount of video memory shown at startup changes from the total capacity to the available capacity.


  • Added support for the Grin29 fork on July 17th.
  • When using the cuckaroo algorithm, version 24.0 will automatically switch to cuckarood at block height 262080.
  • Added temporary option -grin29-fork-height, user can test auto-fork by setting this option to a lower block height value.
  • Improved performance on Grin29 & Aeternity.
  • Added support for mining SERO, progpow_sero algorithm.
  • Added the -intensity option to set the intensity level for each video card.
  • Added the -fidelity-timeframe option, which adjusts the timeframe for calculations.
  • Added the -log-file option to specify the name of the error log file.
  • Added the -no-nvml parameter to cancel the periodic request for the state of the video card.
  • Added a new method to enable NiceHash protocol, nicehash + tcp: //
  • Also this method is compatible with the previous URL based method.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixed mining on the AE (cuckoocycle) algorithm on NiceHash.
  • Added an option to set the temperature limit for the video card.


  • Improved Grin & AE & SWAP performance.
  • Added support for AE mining on NiceHash.
  • Added output to the Fidelity display.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Improved Grin31 performance on 1080ti and 2080ti.


  • Added support for Swap mining (XWP).
  • Improved Grin29 & AE performance.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows Grin & AE, greatly improving performance.


  • Improved Grin31 performance.
  • Improved Grin29 & AE performance on RTX maps.
  • Fixed compatibility of Grin31 on Win7 with 8G cards.
  • New option to reduce the range of power consumption on a multi-GPU farm.
  • Added option "miner working time". It is displayed in the program console.


  • Bug fixed: sometimes there is less local hash rate than in the previous version.
  • Do not start the video card if the mining pool is not connected when mining Grin & AE.


  • Fixed bug: "GPU hung detected".
  • Improved Grin29 performance
  • Added support for mining Grin & AE on Turing maps.
  • Increased chance of accepting a share when mining Grin on NiceHash.
  • Fixed ETH mining on NiceHash.
  • Fixed the "Accept Sharing Check" error when using mining backups.


  • Added AE (Aeternity) support
  • Improved performance on Grin29 and Grin31
  • Miner stability improved.

v20.0 (2019-02-21)

  • Added support for Grin31
  • Added support for mining Grin on NiceHash
  • Added a new option to adjust the CPU load when mining Grin.
  • Improved BTM + ETH performance on RTX maps.
  • Fixed a bug with a low hash rate when mining BTM on farms with mixed cards of 10 and 20 series.

In version 14.0:

  • BTM production increased by over 200% on RTX maps.
  • Improved Green mining by 30%.

Happy mining!

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